Mollie’s Paint Colours

Quite a few people recently have been asking what Mollie’s paint colours are so for anyone that is interested the bottom colour is Birch Green (code L511) which was chosen as its an original 1960’s colour.
The top colour is VW Pearl White (code L87)

mollie the samba field of dreams

Mollie at CamperJam 2014

This weekend we traveled down with the Harrogate & District VW Club to Weston Park in Shropshire for CamperJam 2014. It was a long drive with the Bob, Mollie and PeggySue, but we had fun on the way and once you arrive its all good. It pretty much rained all Friday night but the rest of the weekend was hot and sunny and perfect festival weather.

Here’s Bob, PeggySue and Mollie in the HDVW Club camp



We nervously entered Mollie in the Show and Shine on Sunday. Nervous, as CamperJam was the show that has massive competition and brings in buses from all over the UK. It’s also run and judged by David Eccles who has pretty much written every book on VW buses, so this was the challenge for Mollie.

I lined her up among some amazing looking buses, all with their own character and feature to make them all so different. It was a long wait for the judges to come round. I was so excited / amazed when Mollie was awarded a rosette putting her in the Top 5 splitscreens at the show.




Being a winner in the category meant that we were then all getting judged for the Best in Show. That’s 5 splits, 5 bays, 5 T25’s, 5 T4’s and 5 T5’s … we weren’t holding out any hope of getting any further. The Best in Show went to a great bay window and the runner up was a splitscreen that Dave had already picked as the winner at the beginning.

Here’s me collecting my trophy with David Eccles … fortunately I didn’t look too bad after the weekend camping!


and here it is .. the trophy to beat all trophies 🙂 … Well done Mollie, massive achievement with credit to Dubtricks for making her so stunning!


Mollie at Mighty Dub Fest 2014

Mighty Dub Fest is a family friendly show in Northumberland. Mollie was entered into the Show and Shine but the show field was so muddy that we took the decision to leave her where she was at the camping area. I’m sure she would have won a prize though, but we’ll have to wait until next year.

Here are a few pics on Mollie as she was posing for the passers by. She looked stunning in the sunshine.

mollie the samba mdf 2
mollie the samba mdf 3
mollie the samba mdf 4
mollie the samba mdf
the hdvw camp

This was taken on the journey there with Bob and PeggySue (Eriba Puck)

mollie peggysue and bob

Best Bus at VW Gathering Pickering

Mollie was entered into the Show and Shine at the new Pickering show, VW Gathering that we went to last weekend. It was a great turnout for a new show especially with the weather forecast looking very unpredictable.

The sun did shine in the morning and here’s Mollie basking in the sunshine

mollie the samba

There was a big variety of vehicles there and its always surprising what turns up, some great examples of all models of VW there.

Mollie was really lucky and we came away with the “Best Bus” trophy in the Show and Shine, which is brilliant.

mollie best bus vw gathering

Here’s till the next one.

Best Aircooled at Dubs in’t Dales

Mollie has picked up another trophy at Dubs in’t Dales at the weekend taking away the “Best Aircooled” trophy. It was a big surprise as it’s a wide category and there were lots of entrants that would appeal to many different people. Its a real pleasure to win this prize as it was voted for by the public, so a big seal of approval.

Best aircooled

Well done Mollie

bob and mollie 2

mollie on cruise

Mollie has gathered a lovely trophy collection .. 3 shows, 3 wins 🙂

mollie's trophies

Best in Show at Field of Dreams 2013

Mollie has just returned from the first Field of Dreams VW show that was held at York racecourse. Sunday was Show and Shine day so we put her in to see how she would do. There were a few categories that could be entered but she was up against the other splitscreens really. There were as usual some lovely buses, each with their own unique sparkle, so it was “game on”.

Here is Mollie in the Show and Shine

mollie the samba field of dreams

mollie engine

Here’s Mollie next to Bob

mollie and bob

And OMG! here’s Mollie after winning Best in Show at Field of Dreams… we thought she may get something but BEST IN SHOW .. we were shocked to win 🙂

best in show

and here’s the lovely trophy made by the sponsors All Things Timber that will take pride of place. We’ll have to get Mollie a trophy cabinet I think.

best in show trophy

Massive thanks again to Jez and Louise at Dubtricks for creating a superb show winning bus

Show Winner at VW Festival 2013

It was all worth it .. we now have a show winning bus! This month Mollie entered the Show & Shine at VW Festival 2013 and was in the Top 10 Aircooled which is just brilliant. Big thanks to Jez, Louise and the team at Dubtricks for the fantastic restoration on Mollie.

Here are a few pictures from VW Festival and Mollie in the Show & Shine.

This was Mollie camping alongside Bob, all shiny. She spent most of Saturday undercover though so that we didn’t have to polish her again after the rain.
mollie camping

mollie in the show and shine

IMG_5565 (1024x683)


prize winning mollie

mollie and the winning bus

VW Samba Custom Built 1776 Engine

Here are some close up shots of Mollie’s new engine all fitted. Looks stunning.

Mollie, the 23 Window Splitscreen Samba

The new gearbox has now been fitted, the new engine has been put back in and Mollie is finally out from the workshop and has had a test drive … quoted as being “very quick now”. There is just a bit of work left, to make the handbrake better for the MOT, but she is looking absolutely stunning.

Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox

So the Rancho Freeway Flyer gearbox arrived yesterday and it’s getting ready to be fitted. It’s always good to get photos of parts that will never be seen again, especially when they cost as much as this gearbox did, so enjoy! This should be the last piece of the jigsaw in Mollie’s restoration. Next stop the MOT.