I’m getting the 23 window samba restored

Yep I haven’t owned Mollie very long but it was always the plan to get her fully restored, first part was to pick who was going to do the work #( that was easy ) with Dubtricks around the corner and the work that Jez has done on Bob the campervan  it made sense to choose them, better  the Devil you know :).

the First couple of things I had decided was

1) She stays a Microbus dunno why just felt right to me

2) Colour something that matched Bob’s “Baby Blue” but wasn’t Blue

3) IRs or straight axle conversion

4) what shinny bits should we add 🙂

after some thought I decided to go with a red9 design kit, I had already given the go ahead to get the front end and just decided to get the red9 IRS backend has well that just felt right as well.




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